Chicken Cheese Steak                          

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Hot or Sweet Sausage                          

- peppers and provolone cheese

Texas Weiner                                        

- onions, mustard, Texas sauce

Texas Cheeseburger                            

Steak & Cheese

• Chicken & Cheese

Hot or Sweet Sausage with Provolone Cheese & Sweet Peppers

• Italian

• 2 Texas Weiners

With fresh, hand-cut fries and a can of soda or water!

You know your hot hoagies are in good hands at Scranton's only White House Hoagie Shop.

Hot Hoagies

- American and fried onions


There's something for everyone! Take a look at our kid's menu as you plan your next visit.

- cheese, onions, mustard, Texas sauce

Egg, Cheese, Pepperoni                      

Egg, Pepperoni                                      

California Burger                                  

Pizza Burger                                          

Swiss Mushroom Burger                    

- marinara sauce, blend of cheese

- lettuce, tomato, mayo

Egg, Ham, Cheese                                

Fried Ham & Cheese                            

Hot Roast Beef                                      

Egg, Cheese, Peppers                          

- choice of hot or sweet peppers

- with mushrooms, onions, gravy

Eggplant Parmesan                            

Chicken Parmesan                                

Tuna Melt                                            

Meatball Parmesan                              

- American cheese, lettuce, tomato

Hot Wing Hoagie                                

Crispy Chicken                                    

- lettuce & bleu cheese (choice of sauce)

- lettuce & tomato

Boneless Chicken Bites                      

- choice of sauce

- with bleu cheese                                                                                      

Sauces: Mild, Hot, Nuclear, Sweet & Spicy, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Mild Garlic, Garlic Butter

Hot hoagie and fries Hot hoagie

All Hoagies available in 6" and 12"